Knee Replacement

Rapid functional recovery with proven pain minimisation techniques

Improvements in post operative management have allowed for more rapid recovery and a high success rate after knee replacement surgery.

Knee replacement surgery is an effective method of dealing with painful knee arthritis where the pain and disability can no longer be controlled by medication. The recovery is slower from a knee replacement than a hip replacement because of the unique nature of the knee. However, several techniques are used in this practice to minimise the swelling and pain after surgery without compromising the proven surgical technique.

The prosthesis used is the PFC Sigma - it was designed by Professors Scott and Thornhill from Harvard Medical School and first used several decades ago. It has an outstanding clinical long term track record, reported by many centres from Europe and the USA. Mr. Zayontz studied his knee replacement technique directly from these two surgeons.

The post operative symptoms are controlled using a multi modal technique to minimise pain and swelling. This allows rapid mobilisation, thus reducing the risk of blood clots, infection and knee stiffness (known as arthrofibrosis); it allows an early discharge from hospital and allows you to return quickly to normal activities.

During the procedure, Mr. Zayontz uses a special anaesthetic infiltrative technique that is very effective at reducing pain, allowing early mobilisation. It has been proven to reduce the risk of blood clots as well as hospital stay. Since implementing this practice, there has been a marked improvement in knee flexion.


  • Alleviation of pain
  • Greater comfort
  • General health benefits of walking and cycling


  • Recovery period
  • Discomfort post operatively
  • The majority of patients are pleased with the outcome
  • Knee replacements are performed for pain that is not readily controlled with simple analgesia

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