Fees & Billing

As this is a private practice, we do not bulk bill. (Consultations in public hospitals are free and you can be referred there directly by your family doctor.)

As this is a private practice, there is a fee involved for the services provided. A receipt will always be issued and, where appropriate, a rebate may be claimable at Medicare. Unfortunately, Medicare only rebate a part of the fee and it does not increase this rebate for Pensioners. Furthermore, the the MBS has consistently fallen below inflation and wages growth over the last few decades such that it is covering less of the fees. Fees are payable in full on the day.

Prior to booking for surgery, you will be given a written estimate of the surgeon fees. An invoice will be sent to you after the surgery.

Health insurance companies and Medicare have reduced your rebates (relative to CPI) significantly over the last few decades.

Note that there are also fees for the Anaesthetist; in most operations, there is another doctor who assists at the surgery and they also charge a fee. Please feel free to enquire.

NB: The standard fee for elective surgery is discounted approximately 20% below the AMA rates. The out of pocket fee, therefore, depends on how much your health insurance company is willing to reimburse you for the procedure and associated costs. As there are many health funds, each rebating a different amount (with a variation of $1000, irrespective of the surgeon's experience!), it is very difficult to publish the out of pocket fees. However, we are very happy to work this out for you over the phone or at the rooms. All patients booking for surgery will be given a document with the out of pocket fee.

Unfortunately, the Health Insurance Companies have significantly lagged behind CPI in increasing rebates and hence, the out of pocket fees have increased.

There will be an out of pocket fee for emergency surgery (such as treatment of a broken bone). This is independent of any other fees that the hospital may charge you. If you have any queries regarding this, then you must ask the doctor at the Emergency Department where you are being treated prior to requesting our services. There will be no written quote given (as it is an urgent procedure) .

A co-payment may be required for each consultation. Please note that if your injury proceeds to legal action and reports or other attendances are required, then there can be significant costs associated with this. For a formal report, we require a written request from your solicitor or insurance company.

Veteran Affairs Gold Card holders will not be charged out of pocket for services that are covered by the Department of Veterans' Affairs.

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